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Choosing the Best Option for an Ornamental Fence in Denver

Our Montage line of ornamental fences is the leader in residential steel fencing. The styles available with the Montage give a residence the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing without the expensive maintenance demanded by traditional wrought-iron. Montage ornamental steel fences are popular with developers for its maintenance free coating and durable steel construction. Many prefer Montage ornamental fences over aluminum fencing for the additional strength that a welded steel fence has compared to aluminum fences.

Residential Montage decorative fencing has an E-coat maintenance-free finish and a 20 year warranty. The welded metal fence panel of the Montage has the ability to follow the steepest of grades, that is, to be installed along a slope without unsightly “stair stepping” of the fence panels. That’s because of the unique rail design. All fences in the Montage family of products have the ability to traverse 48″ over an 8′ span. Review the following features of Montage in the column at right to learn more about why so many have homeowners have decided to install Montage fences on their properties.

Choosing the best fence material for a specific home is important, as the best options enhance a home's appeal and, in some cases, provide a level of security unmatched by other options. Ornamental Fence Denver options are commonly thought of as being the traditional wrought iron design. Of course, that's an option, but an ornamental fence Denver can be much more. Fencing professionals always encourage property owners to view examples of the many ornamental fence styles prior to deciding to simply go with the standard wrought iron fence Denver.

Why Choose Ameristar Ornamental Iron Fences?

First, metal fencing provides an elegant look that's totally different from the majority of fencing choices. Traditionally, the finest homes used some type of wrought iron fence to surround their properties. The fencing, once installed, looked elegant and proved to be virtually indestructible. Iron, however, will need to be repainted periodically to prevent rusting. Newer metal options, on the other hand, require even less maintenance, meaning they'll go for generations without the need for any significant upkeep.

Is Ornamental Fencing Expensive?

Because of the materials used, an Iron Fence Denver will cost more initially than some other options. However, the property values of homes with ornamental fencing denver tend to be higher and hold their values better than similar homes without the same quality level of fencing. Traditional styles of homes as well as businesses often prefer metal fencing because of the strength of the fencing and its ability to withstand even the severest weather conditions without damage. Of course, the newer styles available will fit nicely with even contemporary homes, so discussing the option with a fencing expert is always recommended.

Start Planning Now

Rather than waiting, why not start planning that new fence now. Review our gallery  to get ideas and start thinking of options that would make the Ornamental Fence Denver fit a specific application. If you've got questions or need more information, our fencing pros are always willing to discuss the options and make suggestions. From that point, it'll be a simple matter to have that new fence installed and begin enjoying all the benefits of an ornamental fence.