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Why Chain Link Fencing in Denver?

Why install Chain Link Fence?

A chain link fence is probably one of the most common types of fence you'll find in America, from the backyards of suburbia to sectioning off our military bases. Because they're so common, many consumers think they're fine for all situations, but that's not quite the case. While it's true they're the perfect choice in any number of situations, you could be at a disadvantage using them in other instances. If you're not sure if your particular application is right for a chain link fence, consider the following pros and cons before spending your hard earned cash.


One of the reasons that this type of fencing is so popular is the cost. Compared to other options, a chain link fence in Denver is definitely among the more affordable choices.  Because it's made from a wire mesh, consumers find it's inexpensive, especially when you compare it to a wood or vinyl fence. That's why they're so popular for enclosing large square footage areas such as a backyard or a swimming pool. Many homeowners even use it to fence in their entire property lines.

The Maintenance Factor

Any type of fencing will need some amount of maintenance; however, it's obvious that going with chain link means less work in the years to come. This is especially important as homeowners age or as a business changes owners. Keep in mind the fencing is not invincible. As the years pass, even galvanized steel will develop some scratching and enough force will cause dents in the posts or bend the links. Even so, the homeowner will not have to worry about painting the fencing every couple of years, something that is a distinct advantage over other kinds of fences.


Because it is so flexible, chain link Denver fencing can stand up to those limbs that fall during storms or high winds much better than wooden fences. With the extra flexibility, they bend instead of breaking. Additionally, depending on the gauge of wire used, the mesh will be difficult for an intruder to break in, or cut through. It would be very time-consuming to do so, making them less like likely to try and attempt to do so. Snowfall is a big concern in Denver, but with a chain link fence, home and business owners don't have to worry about the weight of the snow building up on the fence.


For many consumers, especially businesses, an advantage of the chain link Denver fences is the fact they are easily seen through. All throughout the country, high-security spots where guards, cameras or security officers should be able to see approaching traffic on the opposite side of the fence line utilize the chain link fencing. No other fencing can brag of this type of advantage. Likewise, this type of fence is the choice of most schools and daycare centers where parents and care-givers can easily watch over children, even through the fence.

With all these advantages, it may be hard to imagine why anyone would not want a chain link fence in Denver. But, it's true, there are some cons to this magic fencing material.


It's not that there is anything inherently wrong with the way it looks, it's simply that most people use chain link fence for security, and homeowners associations tend to think they're more utilitarian in appearance. In fact, most neighborhoods with homeowner's tenants forbid chain link fences that can be seen from the road. The way some consumers get around this rule is to use wood fencing on the side and then use chain link for the back portion of their yard. Not only does this save money, but it allows the natural beauty of nature to peek through and be seen on a regular basis.

Dressing Up the Fence

Many homeowners choose to use galvanized fencing that comes with a vinyl coating. Thanks to this approach, the fence does become more of a design element in the landscape while still not obscuring the view of all the shrubs and flowers found in the yard. It's important to remember that the coating will add more years to the life of the fence. To ensure the best result, owners should spend some time choosing the right color for the vinyl coating. This is a wise move, since it will ensure the fence does not look dated after a decade or two.


The same trait that makes it great for letting in the beauty of nature makes it a con for privacy. Visibility is wonderful with chain link, but if you're looking for privacy fences in Denver, you might want to re-think your purchase. While people love to put these fences around pools because of their price, know that everyone will be able to watch your swan dive. There are some steps you can take with a chain link fence, however, to increase the privacy.

For most purposes, chain link fences could be the best answer for your needs, but consider all aspects of the job and how important privacy is to you. Then, talk with a contractor about how they can get started on your fencing project today.