What Fence For My Garden

Want some privacy on your deckchair or during a barbecue with friends? “Easy, just install a barrier!” Will retort some of you. The problem is that in this matter, the choice is (very) wide and that we get lost a little. Here are some well-crafted ideas for fencing your garden.

Fencing Your Garden At A Low Price

The most economical fence remains the fence, to choose roll or panel version (count 10 € per meter). Unattractive, it is, however, suitable if one wishes to grow a hedge, for example. The PVC fence costs between 50 and 100 € per meter, but it gets dirty very quickly (especially if it is white) and has a limited lifespan. If the fence in cases offers a very natural look at a low price (between 10 and 50 € per meter), it is however light and therefore unsuitable for terrain too exposed to the wind.

A Fence At The Top Of Elegance

Traditional, the solid wood fence remains affordable (between 50 and 200 € per meter depending on the type of wood chosen) and offers maximum charm to the garden. The composite panel (between 150 and 300 € per meter) which mixes the authenticity of the wood and the solidity of the plastic. More expensive (around 150 € per meter), but with an optimal lifespan and completely blackout, the concrete wall is able to imitate stone or wood. Hyper design, the aluminum fence is also very resistant over time (count around 300 € per meter). Do you dream of an original garden fence? Opt for an openwork screening panel with geometric or floral patterns. They are available in aluminum or composite.

Garden Fence: What The Law Says

In reality, it is possible to install a fence between two lots, without even asking your neighbor for permission (unless he has the right of way over ours). But the elementary correction requires informing him. Similarly, no declaration is to be made in the town hall, except if our land is located in a protected area, on a protected or classified site, or if the municipality requires it (it happens!). If in doubt, ask her. However, the height of the fence is limited to 3.20 meters in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and 2.60 m in other municipalities.