Fences are used to enclose the land of homeowners. These can include wooden fences, plant hedges, fences, walls, electric fences. If the installation of a fence does not always require an authorization, other rules must be observed.

Fences are also used to enclose pastures, avoid the incursion of pests on its land or prevent the exit of livestock. The installation of a fence is in principle exempt from a Prior Declaration (DP) or from a Building Permit request (PC). In all cases, you must comply with the regulations in force, even if an authorization request is not required. 

Making sure you have chosen the right company to complete the project is a critical decision that you take seriously.

Request A Quote

Even if the first fence company you meet seems to be perfect, always get two or more additional appointments.

Ask For Proof Of Insurance

Ensuring that the fence company is insured is an important part of the investigation. Not only will this protect you and your property, but it also guarantees that the fence company you choose cares about safety and quality standards.

Look At The Quality Of Your Work

Observe the quality of the materials and the particular finishes to ensure that the fence company does not make any cuts.


Every company in the service industry like painters Denver has cleaning protocols. Make sure that the fence company you are considering makes clear the expectations of cleanliness so that you do not run out of piles of waste material to dispose of on your own.

Written Contracts Are The Best

Regardless of the type of work you have done in your home, obtaining a written contract is a necessity these days. If you are using a small fence company or a larger one, a written contract will avoid any misunderstanding and give you a remedy if things do not go as planned.

Memberships Of Professional Associations

Each project is unique and yours too. Most likely, you have some areas of special concern that you will want to discuss directly with your fence company before work begins. Keep in mind that the fence company you are considering should be open to answering all your questions and concerns. If you receive any rejection, this should be a red flag!

If you have doubts about examining fencing companies on your own (that is, if you don’t know what questions to ask, you simply don’t have time or some other reason), don’t worry about that!